Quantitative and technical expertise

Expertise in laboratory techniques, computing, data analysis and field technology are integral to training as a scientist, whichever career path you choose.

Our degree programs will equip you with broad, transferable skills and knowledge that you can apply within a range of disciplines.

You'll gain expertise in:

  • R and Marxan, the two major programming tools used for data analysis in the study of natural systems and biodiversity
  • quantitative approaches in modern biology, from ecology to genetics
  • the latest field technologies, including satellite imagery, GIS, 3D mapping, drone aerial surveying, and CyberTracker software for quantitative biodiversity data collection
  • quantitative PCR techniques in third-year genetics.

You'll also have access to world-class laboratory facilities, including:

  • a large-scale PC2-certified undergraduate teaching laboratory
  • UQ's freshwater and marine aquarium facility at St Lucia.