Quantitative Biology

Our quantitative biology master's programs provide an in-depth quantitative understanding of ecological and evolutionary processes to answer questions in ecology, genetics and evolution.

You will study life and living organisms, and gain the tools and techniques to organise and analyse biological data with statistics, mathematics and computation.

This unique qualification is the first of its kind in Australia.

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Our postgraduate coursework programs will enhance your career prospects by building knowledge and experience in the scientific methods used to analyse, quantify and make decisions about conservation.

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These streamlined 12- and 18-month degree programs will provide you with comprehensive theoretical, analytical and practical knowledge and real-world application, covering ecology and wildlife conservation, and conservation decision making.

They draw on our world-renowned research expertise and established links with industry.

Unique structure

Designed around blocks of fieldwork, the intensive Master of Conservation Biology program allows you to complete the equivalent of three semesters of study in just 12 months. 

Starting your program at the end of June, you’ll complete 12 courses in sequence, over 12 calendar months, using a summer semester.

Once you complete the Master of Conservation Biology, you can apply to enrol in the Master of Conservation Science. If successful, you’ll undertake a four-month research project or complete additional coursework.

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As you work sequentially through our courses, you'll visit some of the world's most unique ecosystems, and train in data analysis, environmental policy and conservation decision making.

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Flexible learning and pathways

Domestic students can study these programs part time, but prior approval, from the Program Coordinator, is required.

The Master of Conservation Science research project option provides a pathway to undertake a higher degree by research in biological sciences.