Marine biology students discover how the diversity of marine organisms behave and interact with their environment.

You’ll investigate all biological phenomena from local to global scales, from microscopic zooplankton to cetacean megafauna to coral reef ecology.

You can gain specialist skills in:

  • marine ecology and conservation
  • taxonomy and systematics
  • aquaculture and fisheries
  • animal behaviour.

As an undergraduate, you’ll explore the biology, ecology and conservation of marine organisms, including fish and fisheries, and tropical and subtropical marine ecosystems. You’ll take part in fieldwork at UQ’s Heron Island Research Station on the Great Barrier Reef and Moreton Bay Research Station on North Stradbroke Island, in addition to many live activities in our workshops and laboratory classes. 

As a postgraduate, you can complement your knowledge of marine biology with a Master of Conservation Biology or Master of Quantitative Biology. You can also undertake in-depth research with a higher degree by research. 

    Photo: Molly O'Brien

    Watch our video

    Our 'Students Explore Reef Environment' video shows you a taste of what to expect when you study marine science with us.

    Students explore the reef environment at UQ's Heron Island Research Station. (Vimeo, 2m:28s)