Genetics is the study of inheritance: the structure and expression of genes, the genetic basis of traits, and the interaction between genes and the environment at the population and species level. 

More than any other discipline, genetics is transforming modern biology. The growing availability of completely sequenced genomes, computational analysis and molecular analytic tools is allowing unprecedented discoveries in areas as diverse as human medicine, agriculture, conservation biology and biotechnology. 

Undertake a major in genetics and you’ll learn key concepts and techniques that you can apply to a range of careers, including those with a research focus.

Why choose genetics at UQ?

Our genetics academics are world leaders in their fields. We emphasise integrated learning across this major, and you’ll gain laboratory and computer skills alongside classroom knowledge. 

Genetics subjects are recommended as part of almost every major in the biological sciences and are often compulsory – this is because the discipline of genetics underlies and contributes to most other areas in biology. 

The small number of required courses in this major allows you to combine your core skills in the subject with a wide range of cognate interests, including microbiology, biochemistry and molecular biology, zoology, ecology, biomedical science and computational science.

Undergraduate and honours programs

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Higher degree by research