Ecology is the study of how organisms interact with each other and their environments. 

From the effects of plant and animal physiology on ecological processes to knowing how organisms assemble across the ocean and land, you’ll learn to use ecological concepts to understand: 

  • interactions within natural communities and ecosystems
  • how to minimise threats to biodiversity
  • how the connection between ecology and evolution determines the natural wealth of our environment. 

Our field, laboratory and problem-solving oriented courses combine to provide you with first-hand experience in addressing ecological problems, and strong quantitative skills.

You can take courses on behavioural ecology, macroecology, conservation ecology, landscape ecology, physiological ecology, and evolutionary ecology. You’ll also take part in field trips to outback Queensland, Fraser Island (the world’s largest sand island), North Stradbroke Island in Moreton Bay, and Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef. 

Photo: Derek Smith