Conservation science attempts to secure the world's biological diversity by combining biological knowledge, social science, law, environmental philosophy, economics and scientific reasoning. It is a "discipline with a deadline", working against accelerating extinctions to sustain the well-being of society and the environment.

Conservation professionals work in the field and office, in government, universities, non-profit organisations and industry, to preserve life and what it can offer to future generations. 

Our Masters of Conservation Biology and Conservation Science degree programs will equip you with a comprehensive theoretical understanding of conservation biology, as well as the diverse skills, practical experience and industry connections required to work in the fast-changing field of conservation. 

You'll cover the integrated disciplines of conservation, ecology and biodiversity, and focus on the problems of restoring and maintaining viable populations of animal and plant species, and natural and managed ecosystems.

Photo: Simone Barley Greenfield

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Our "Study the Master of Conservation Biology" video shows you a taste of what to expect when you study with us.

UQ students and staff share their insights into the Master of Conservation Biology. (YouTube, 1m:27s).