Zoology is the study of animals. Zoologists attempt to understand the diversity and evolution of animals by investigating aspects of their morphology, physiology, development, behaviour and the ways they interact with the environment. Understanding how animals function and persist in their habitats, both now and in the past, is essential to conservation and long-term management of sustainable populations, species and ecosystems, particularly in the face of human-induced environmental change.

Our researchers study living and extinct animals from both aquatic and terrestrial environments, using traditional (behavioural, morphological, structural and histological) and modern (molecular, microprocessor, imaging and telemetric) techniques.

We investigate:

  • how individuals within a population recognise and interact with each other
  • how physiological systems allow animals to survive in challenging environments
  • how animals are reacting or adapting to changing climate
  • how animals develop, grow, move and behave
  • how animals feed and extract nutrients
  • how an animal's morphology has changed over time.

Our people

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