Genetics is the study of inheritance, uncovering the structure and expression of genes, the genetic basis of traits, interactions between genes and the environment, and the diversification of life on earth. Genomic tools and approaches are revolutionising genetic studies and enabling unprecedented discoveries across all areas of the discipline.

Our strengths include evolutionary, ecological and developmental genetics (and genomics). We study a wide range of organisms, from viruses and bacteria to insects, marine animals and plants. Our investigatory approaches are also diverse, and draw on quantitative genetics, molecular genetics, phylogenetics, population genetics, mathematical modelling, manipulative experiments and fieldwork.

Our research has contributed to the discovery of genetic basis of insecticide resistance, genetic and epigenetic interactions between hosts and pathogens, novel approaches in blocking transmission of vector-borne diseases, chemical attractants that may help control crown-of-thorns starfish outbreaks, and genetically-informed conservation strategies.

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