Biological diversity provides endless scientific fascination and fundamental value. Ecology – the study of how species interact with each other and the environment – is foundational to understanding and protecting biodiversity. Ecologists use theoretical, observational and experimental studies to answer questions about how species persist, decline, invade and form communities and ecosystems. 

Ranked #4 in the world for environment and ecology, UQ offers a first-class research and learning environment. Our School's 25+ ecology research groups work together to:

  • understand how biological diversity is maintained and altered by global change
  • improve biological pest control and forest restoration
  • understand functional constraints on species’ success
  • help protect endangered plants and animals.

Our research is enabled by UQ’s field stations, access to Australia’s unique ecosystems, and the collaborative nature of our international partners. Our strength in quantitative ecology ensures that students work on innovative research while developing transferable skills for the future.

Many experts within our School are part of the research hub, Ecology at UQ.

Our people

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