Globally one of the biggest threats to bees is habitat loss. Around Australia there is much concern for the wellbeing of native bees and increasingly habitat plantings are being implemented with the aim of benefiting bees. However, little is known of which particular plant species benefit the greatest number of bee species, and therefore which are best promoted in habitat plantings to maximise the benefit for supporting overall bee diversity. In this project a large data set will be generated from data gathered from online observation databases of bee species and their associated plant species, such as Atlas of Living Australia. The resulting networks of interactions among bees and plants will be used to create a list of recommendations for plant species selection for SE Queensland and possibly other regions of Australia and different landscape contexts (such as farms vs urban gardens), to aid land managers and gardeners in selecting key plant species that benefit the greatest number of bee species in their area. This project can be started in Sem 1 or 2.

Supervisors: Professor Margie Mayfield & Dr John Dwyer