This project involves assessing the biodiversity outcomes of a 10 year old restoration experiment set up at the Monarto Zoo in South Australia. The aim of the reforestation project set up 10 years ago was to maximise the native biodiversity found in woodland/shrubland regrowth in a site in southern Australia (Monarto, on the eastern flank of the Mt Lofty Ranges). Controlled planting experiments modifying tree/shrub diversity and plant density were set up 10 years ago. The plantings were combined with baseline bee diversity surveys of restoration plots and nearby woodland. Now, a decade on, the objective of this Honours project is to determine the bee diversity of the reforestation plots and compare these with the baseline data collected at the beginning of the experiment. Bees were initially surveyed in both autumn and spring, across two years, using both hand netting and plastic pan/bowl traps. This project will involve fieldwork at the reforestation site, sampling bees, identifying bee specimens using taxonomic keys and comparison with a reference collection, and using the new and existing data to identify any bee community changes. This project can be started in Sem 1 or 2.

Supervisors: Professor Margie Mayfield, Dr John Dwyer & Dr Toby Smith