Primary research interest

  • Ecology of insect-plant interactions; professional development for Queensland senior biology teachers

Researcher biography

In my teaching-focussed role with the School of Biological Sciences, I am interested in how we optimise student learning, performance, and assessment, in undergraduate biology courses. I also serve as the School's engagement lead with high schools in Queensland and key international university partners, and this includes outreach, recruitment, and science communication.

I champion for biology in a key Faculty of Science initiative supporting Queensland senior teachers, science technicians, and teacher librarians through multi-modal Teacher Continuing Professional Development workshops to address the new suite of science and mathematics syllabuses. Specifically for biology, I develop and deliver content and pedagogy focussed on basic data analysis and interpretation, scientific literacy and writing, theoretical and applied ecology, evolution, and introductory genetics.

I completed my PhD and still dabble in research involving insect-plant interactions: understanding the intricate relationships between crop plants and their insect pests enable us to employ pest management strategies that ultimately reduce our reliance on insecticides. This research is typically undertaken using behavioural ecology and chemical ecology approaches.

I also hold an adjunct appointment with UCSI University, Malaysia.