Primary research interest

  • Ecology of insect-plant interactions; professional development for Queensland senior biology teachers

Researcher biography

I teach:

  • BIOL1030 Biodiversity and the Environment
  • BIOL2010 Ecology (Coordinator)
  • BIOL2910 Advanced Ecology (Coordinator)
  • BIOL2204 Zoology
  • BIOL2904 Advanced Zoology

I guest-teach:

  • EDUC3251 Senior Biology
  • EDUC4631 Biology: Curriculum Studies
  • EDUC7631 Biology: Curriculum Studies

Why I love working at UQ:

  • Our science undergraduate students inspire me! I'm the Bachelor of Science Program Director and in this role I provide overarching leadership around the positioning, review, renewal, quality assurance, and student experience for UQ's Bachelor of Science program.
  • I get to help secondary teachers in Queensland train our next generation of scientists! I deliver professional development workshops to senior science teachers, science technicians, and teacher librarians. Together, we have built a strong community of best practice in teaching secondary biology.
  • I contribute to developing capacity in our higher-degree research student community by providing our tutors with professional development in the scholarship of teaching and learning, in my capacity as my School's Tutor Coordinator.
  • I lead an award-winning team (informally known as the 'G-Unit') that engages with high schools in Queensland and key international university partners, and this includes the development and delivery of bespoke learning immersions, future student recruitment, and science communication.
  • I still get to indulge in my love for the weird and whimsical natural world. I completed my PhD in 2017 on insect-plant interactions and still dabble in behavioural ecology research: understanding the intricate relationships between plants and their insect partners enable us to learn more about the ecosystem services they provide.

Areas of research