Researcher biography

I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Queensland. My research falls within the field of animal ecology, where I am particularly interested in how animal occurrence, abundance and movement information may be used to test hypotheses and make predictions regarding individual- and population-level responses to environmental change.

I have worked in a diverse range of environments (terrestrial, freshwater, coastal and marine) and across a broad range of taxa (fish, reptiles, birds and mammals) to address research questions, publish findings and inform management decisions. This has included setting up and coordinating long-term field monitoring programs to gather physiological, behavioural, social, genetic, diet and population data for my study species.

Prior to my appointment at UQ, I was a PhD candidate at the University of Exeter Centre for Ecology and Conservation where my Thesis focused on the impact of human disturbance on wildlife communities. Since arriving at UQ, my primary role has been to oversee a long term research program investigating movement, distribution, abundance and diet among threatened riverine predators in Northern Australia. This Linkage Project is funded by the Australian Research Council with Australia Zoo and CSIRO as Industry Partners, and involves the capture, sampling and tracking of estuarine crocodiles, sharks, sawfish, rays and barramundi in Cape York, Queensland.