Primary research interest

  • Photobiology of reefs & their ability to endure future climate scenarios

Researcher biography

Sophie Dove obtained an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh, and a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from the University of Sydney. She is presently an Associate Professor within the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Queensland, as well as a Chief Investigator within the Australia Research Council Centre for Excellence in Coral Reef Studies. Her research interests predominantly lie in the area of coral reef dynamics under climate change, and cover a range of organisms (eg. macro-algae, sponges and corals) that contribute to the carbonate balance of reefs. The goal of this research is to gain a broader understanding of how different combinations of elevated sea surface temperature and acidification may influence the coastal protective properties of shallow tropical reefs. Specific interests include understanding the potential trade-offs (or compromises) made by so called "coral winners" following recent warming associated with El nino events, or "super coral" that live in localised areas with highly fluctuating temperatures: Do these trade-offs associated with coral survival reduce energy expanded on key properties involved in skeletogenesis with the consequence that key services provided by coral reefs, or defining properties of a thriving reef, are undermined?