Find a student or graduate volunteer to help with your ecology research or teaching project in the lab or field.

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Marine and education volunteer

Name: Tahia Ischer

Location: Moorea, French Polynesia and Brisbane

About me: I graduated from UQ with a Master's in Marine Biology and Zoology in 2008. I also have a teaching degree in science/marine biology and am now living in French Polynesia. I have worked for various companies and on several conservation projects internationally (Alaska, Cook Islands, Tetiaroa) as a marine biologist and educator. I've been living in Tahiti for three years and don't do any marine biology research anymore. I try to come to Australia on holidays at least once a year and would like to do a bit of volunteering while on holidays. I'll be in Brisbane from mid December 2019 until mid January 2020. If anyone is looking for volunteers during this period, please contact me.


Recent biology graduate

Name: Rebecca Buchanan

Location: Brisbane/Redcliffe

About me: I've recently graduated with a Biology degree from Acadia University in Nova Scotia. I will be in Brisbane from September to the start of December 2019, and am looking for some opportunities to volunteer in a research setting. I have many interests related to conservation, specifically related to areas of zoology. I'm also interested in many aspects of human biology. If you have a research project that you would like assistance on, and think it would relate to my interests, please reach out.


Volunteer or research assistant

Name: Susanna Primavesi

Location: Queensland

About me: I’m an Italian biologist who has always been passionate about the marine environment and internal freshwater habitats. I'm longing for a position working with natural environments, preserving the biodiversity and ecosystems, ideally as part of a research team. My academic path and work experience have focused on obtaining the necessary abilities to achieve these goals. I'm proficient in fieldwork and also underwater, thanks to my advanced scuba diving ticket and my experience in Australia. I also take underwater photos. I'm seeking to make my first steps toward becoming a scientific researcher. If you're interested, I'll send you my CV and references. 


Seabird research - field technician assistant

Name: Clara Morey

Location: Australia

About me: I'm a Spanish biologist from Sevilla University in Spain. I have a Bachelor of Science (Marine Ecology), undertaken at Spanish and French universities and I have been involved in different research projects related to wildlife (particularly seabirds), principally conducted in the overseas territories of France, but also in other countries such as Chile.

I have been principally working as a fieldwork technician focusing on avifauna population dynamics (monitoring seabird breeding colonies, particularly gannets, petrels, penguins and albatross) and collaborating in studies on migration and foraging movement through GPS, GLS, and UvaBITS in different species of seabirds and shorebirds.

Currently living in Australia, I’m looking forward to collaborating in wildlife research and conservation. If you have any positions available (paid or volunteering) on seabird research, please let me know.