Identification of commonly occurring plant parasites to species level, and free-living nematodes to levels suitable for ecological studies, and nematode community analyses. Delivered by Dr Graham Stirling, Dr Marcelle Stirling and Dr Neil Wilson. You must attend in person.

About Nematology professional development masterclasses

Nematodes are the most numerous multicellular animals on Earth but other than the few species which parasitise humans and their livestock and pets, these microscopic worms receive limited attention.

These workshops are designed for scientists and science students who want to learn more about the fascinating world beneath our feet. Professionals who work in agriculture are also welcome, as they will learn how the soil nematode community can be used to assess the biological health of a soil, and become familiar with the tactics farmers can use to reduce losses from nematode pests.

These masterclasses are free to attend; there is no cost. However, places are very limited. Please submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to Dr Gurion Ang via email outlining how your practice or your studies would benefit from attending these masterclasses.

About our presenter

Dr Graham StirlingDr Graham Stirling is a Director and Principal Scientist with Biological Crop Protection Pty Ltd., a Brisbane-based company providing research and diagnostic services in nematology, plant pathology and soil biology to Australia’s agricultural and horticultural industries. Dr Stirling has produced more than 140 peer-reviewed papers during his career, with most of his research aimed at developing non-chemical controls for plant-parasitic nematodes. He gained international recognition for his work on fungal and bacterial parasites of nematodes and his 1991 book entitled Biological Control of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes became the standard reference book on the subject. An updated second edition was published in 2014. Dr Stirling has always been concerned about