2018 Rudi Lemberg Travelling Fellowship Lecture: Microbial Diversity of Deep-Sea Corals

Presenter: Dr Christina Kellogg, United States Geological Survey (USGS)

Abstract: Dr Kellogg will review her recent work on cold-water corals around the United States (specifically, those found between 200­­–1000 meters deep). While studies of bacterial associates of shallow-water corals have occurred for over 40 years, deep-sea corals have only been the topic of microbial studies for the last decade. Deep-sea corals do not have the complicating factor of an algal symbiont with its own thermal tolerances and to a degree have been buffered by distance from increased water temperatures, sewage, or nutrient impacts. Deep-sea corals provide an opportunity to study coral-bacterial symbioses without many of the confounding factors that tropical corals are subject to and may more easily reveal critical roles of heterotrophic bacterial symbionts. This talk is framed around questions about these coral-associated microbes: Who are they? What are they doing? How are they affecting and changing our world through their biogeochemical interactions with the environment, host corals, and each other? Dr Kellogg will describe characterizing and comparing baseline microbiomes for seven deep-sea coral species, including both stony and soft corals. She will also describe the first metagenomic data from a deep-sea coral.


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