Image of bush fire, photo credit to Shaun Brooks

Presenter: Dana Bergstrom, Australian Antarctic Division

Abstract: Ecosystem collapses are a thing now. In this talk I will survey the range and types of recent collapses and ecosystem surprises that have occurred across an approx 1/8th sector of the globe, from the tropics to Antarctica. I  will discuss unifying elements in these collapses and present an approach  framework  that can be used into the future to  maximise biodiversity survival.

Dana Bergstrom
Dana Bergstrom

About the presenter: I am an applied Antarctic ecologist with a focus on understanding and protecting Antarctica at the highest level, while communicating the global importance of the region and its science to the world.

My work revolves around studying how Antarctic organisms and ecosystems work, identifying risks to these Antarctic ecosystems and finding solutions to mitigating such risks, especially in terrestrial ecosystems.

Recent research has focused on evidence-based conservation planning and the understanding rapid ecosystem collapse in alpine areas of Macquarie Island.

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