All tutors (in and beyond the School of Biological Sciences) are welcome to attend a development session to learn from experienced tutors and connect over afternoon tea.

Experienced tutors will share anecdotes as they reflect on some changes they have implemented in their tutoring practice, that improved understanding of content or performance in an assessment task in their students. Gain some inspiration from their stories and increase your agency as a tutor.

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Meet our presenters

emer cunningham headshotEmer Cunningham

I’m a PhD candidate in marine ecology, and I’ve been tutoring since 2021. Over that time, you may have found me chatting about bird skeletons with second-year zoologists or surveying reef fish with visiting American students.

coen hird headshotCoen Hird

I’m a researcher in conservation ecophysiology at UQ, investigating how climate change impacts amphibian health. I’m also interested in how scientists and science learners can better engage with Indigenous rights, knowledges, and perspectives, in the sciences.

tim richards headshotTim Richards

I’m currently completing my PhD with the UQ Dinosaur Lab, and I’ve tutored various courses over the past 5 years. I co-host the ABC podcast “Dino Dome” and am equally fond of organisms both living and long dead.

Contact us

The session is organised and moderated by Dr Gurion Ang. For queries, please contact