Together with our international partner institutions, we develop and run bespoke programs that allow students to examine and experience marine and terrestrial sciences in Australia and the Pacific's unique ecosystems and environments.

Our partners recruit and select program cohorts. Some institutions send experts to UQ with their students to offer support and to teach the courses they co-designed.

Blending practical fieldwork with laboratory, research and academic writing skills, our integrated programs equip participants with scientific knowledge and expertise to apply in the broader context throughout their further study and careers.

In Australia and the Solomon Islands, students gain a comprehensive insight into each country's iconic landscapes, diverse wildlife and local history and culture.

Some programs comprise a substantial research component, which offers the chance to conduct original supervised research in the field.

Partner with us

Contact Associate Professor Ian Tibbetts to discuss developing a program with your institution, or for general and institutional liaison information.

Current programs

We run programs with the HWS and Union College Partnership for Global Education, Stanford University and the University of California.

Find out about our partner programs, below.

HWS and Union College Partnership for Global Education

Integrating field and lecture components, this program focuses on the marine and terrestrial ecology of the Australian state of Queensland, as well as Australian culture.

Two directors from HWS and Union College accompany the students to UQ and teach one of the program's courses.

The program features field trips to several national parks, as well as UQ's world-renowned research stations on North Stradbroke Island in Moreton Bay and Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef.

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Visit the HWS Global Education pages for more information.

Stanford University Bing Overseas Studies Program: Australia

Established in 2003, Stanford's Australia program remains one of the university's most popular study abroad options. 

Comprising courses on terrestrial and marine science, and Australian studies, the program visits a variety of destinations, including capital cities, remote Far North Queensland, and UQ's world-renowned research stations on North Stradbroke Island in Moreton Bay and Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef.

Students experience ecosystems first hand with lecture delivery alongside the physical experience.

A substantial research component also enables them to conduct original research in the field under the supervision of experts.

Participants develop skills through group labs, oral presentations, role play and scientific writing.

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Visit the Stanford University Bing Overseas Studies Program: Australia pages for more information.

University of California Education Abroad programs

UQ and the University of California enjoy a well-established collaboration on international partner programs, and currently offer two contract programs.

Australia Marine Biology & Terrestrial Ecology Education Abroad Program

Established in 2000, this long-running program comprises courses in marine biology, terrestrial ecology and Australian studies. 

The marine biology component features lectures, laboratory work and intensive research-focused studies, and includes field trips to research stations on North Stradbroke Island in Moreton Bay and Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef.

The terrestrial ecology component explores Australia’s unique flora, fauna and ecosystems, with hands-on learning in field locations ranging from the outback to rainforests.

Pacific Island Environmental & Community Health: Australia & Solomon Islands Program

This program provides students with research skills and experience across a range of diverse and fragile ecosystems. 

Participants explore urban and rural development, and their impacts on public health, while engaging with local students and members of remote communities.

After six weeks at UQ, the students complete the remainder of their semester abroad at the Solomon Islands National University.

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Visit the UC Education Abroad: Study Abroad in Australia webpages for more information on these programs.

Marine Biology & Terrestrial Ecology Program

Pacific Island Environmental & Community Health: Australia and Solomon Islands Program