Goolarabooloo Law Boss Phillip Roe and Dr Steve Salisbury (Photo by Damian Kelly)
Goolarabooloo Law Boss Phillip Roe and Dr Steve Salisbury (Photo by Damian Kelly)

Connect with our staff and students through a range of academic, outreach and industry initiatives and events.

We nurture our long-established links with individuals and organisations who share our passion for the environmental and biological sciences.

We host regular academic seminars as well as public events, including lectures, workshops, symposiums, and activities for schoolchildren.
We work with international institutions to develop and run programs for their students interested in marine and terrestrial sciences.

Engage with us

Contact us if you want to partner or engage with us – we'd love to hear from you.

Industry and government partnerships

Collaborations with industry and government bodies are integral to our research profile.

Our partners include peak industry and development councils, private companies and NGOs within the agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture, forestry and mining sectors.

These long-established links complement the many and varied cross-collaborative projects our researchers work on within our School, and with colleagues from UQ’s centres and the wider community.

Citizen science

Join our citizen science projects to gain knowledge and skills and contribute to research within our School.

Indigenous outreach

Our researchers work closely with Indigenous groups across remote Australia to facilitate several ongoing Indigenous projects that benefit local communities and their surrounding environments.

Student volunteering

Our students take part in a range of volunteering activities that enable them to build on what they learn during their studies.

Volunteers from our Idalia Recovery Organisation of Students (iROOS) run a yearly program of field trips to help protect the flora and fauna at national parks and reserves across Queensland.

Our students with an interest in ecology and marine science also regularly sign up for opportunities with an ecology or marine science focus.

Media engagement

Our robust and far-reaching media profile extends to newspaper and magazine articles, online publications, TV, radio and podcast interviews, social media, and appearances on popular science programs including 'Totally Wild', 'Catalyst' and David Attenborough's 'Life' series.

Our staff and postgraduate research students regularly provide expert comment on a wide range of topics and issues, including conservation and biodiversity, the health of the Great Barrier Reef, dinosaurs, crocodiles, marine parks and ocean acidification.

Visit our News pages to see a selection of our activities that have hit the headlines recently.