The Ecology Centre explores the ecological diversity of living organisms and how they are affected by human interaction and climate change.

Based in the School of Biological Sciences, our multidisciplinary centre comprises more than 1XX academics, postdoctoral researchers and HDR students who contribute to UQ's exceptional ranking of #4 in the world for ecology. We collaborate widely with experts at UQ, around Australia and internationally.

We are led by Director, Associate Professor Rod Fensham.

Our mission

We aim to promote and facilitate ecological research across UQ schools, centres and institutes, and beyond.

We do this by offering and promoting ecological research, activities and study opportunities for undergraduates through to academics at UQ and around the world.

Our research

Our researchers are concerned with terrestrial xxxx, and understanding the evolution of species and populations.

Our research expertise spans xxxxxx, yyyy and zzzz, ranging from aaaa to bbbbb and cccc.

Our research has important implications and applications to conservation biology, climate change science, environmental planning and environmental policy.


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