Our 2019 Winter Research projects are listed below.

We update this list as projects become available. 

Contact the project supervisor(s) to find out more about the project you’re interested in. 

2019 Winter Research projects
Project title Supervisor Duration Expected hours/week Preferred start date
Insect-plant interactions: host location and host use by parasitic wasps Mike Furlong/ Gurion Ang 4 weeks 30-36 24 June 2019
Learned food aversion as a model of anorexia in C. elegans Paul Ebert 4 weeks 36 24 June 2019
Plant soil feedbacks allow for invasive species establishment Abigail Pastore 4 weeks 36 24 June 2019
Historical ecology in coastal habitats John Pandolfi 4 weeks 36 24 June 2019

UQ Winter Research Program

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